Pastoral Council

This council collaborates with the pastor/parish life coordinator to provide the long-range vision and plan to guide our parish towards a sustainable future.

Manual for Pastoral Council


  1. To facilitate a process by which the mission of the parish is determined and to serve as stewards of that mission.
  2. To implement the mission by engaging in pastoral planning, which includes assessing parish needs, identifying resources, determining priorities.
  3. To collaborate with the finance council to maintain appropriate stewardship in implementing the mission of the parish.
Pastoral Council Members

Christine Schrodt, Chair (Term 1, Year 4)

Ellen Sheckler, Vice-Chair (Term 1, Year 2)

Amy Assink, Secretary (Term 1, Year 3)

Lance Lasher (Term 1, Year 4)

Sherry Cannon (Term 1, Year 3)

Mathew Smith (Term 1, Year 2)

Ex-Officio: Pat Molnar, Finance Council Chair

Ex-Officio: Jeff Pavlovich, IC School Board Chair