Stewardship Committee

Stewardship Committee

Members: Amy Staudt, Trisha Hemesath, DJ Sinnwell, Lori Murray

Purpose: To encourage parishioners to exercise stewardship as an expression of gratitude to God and as a way of life for disciples of Christ.


1. Appointed and/or volunteer according to the bylaws of the local pastoral council constituion.

2. Persons with the following traits:

a. stewardship is already a way of life at some level

b. personal stewardship is exercised and is motivated by gratitude for God's gifts.

c. Have the ability to make the goals of stewardship viable for parishioners.

d. Possess belief in accountability exercised by reporting back to parishioners on all aspects of the parish stewardship efforts.


1. To foster a sense of belonging to and ownership of the parish.

2. To view evangelization as essential to stewardship and to assist with evangelization efforts in the parish.

3. To encourage all committees, groups, families, and individuals to center themselves in prayer, especially prayer of gratitude.

4. To provide education about stewardship to parish leadership/commitees and to all parishioners.

5. To call parishioners to the practice of stewardship as a way of life.

6. To call the parish itself to the practice of stewardship of its resources.

7. To collabroate with all other standing committees and ministries in assessing the ministry needs of the parish.

8. To draw forth the stewardship of treasure of all parishioners by:

a. Working with the parish finance council to identify and share the financial needs of the parish.

b. Promoting plannedgiving, the stewardship of assets within the parish community.

c. Establishing an electronic giving option for weekly giving.

9. To draw forth the stewardship of time and talent of all parishioners. Some avenues are:

a. Encouraging the parish to use people resoruce management skills as time/talent commitment cards are received.

b. Providing a gifts discernment process for individuals and the community.

c. Using the results of this discernment to guide volunteers toward the best placement for their time and talent.

d. Establishing accountability for committees to contact those who volunteered on their taime/talent commitement cards.

e. Providing an annual appreciation event for all people who offer their time, talent, and treasure.

f. Encouraging coordinators of all ministries to offer their own form of appreciation to those who assit in the ministries.

10. To facilitate parish publicity and communications by:

a. Maintaining up to date data on all parishioners.

b. Establishing a parish area or block system devised to encourage parish communications and interrelations.

c. Assessing regularly the need for a parish census.

11. To collaborate wtih the parish life committee in providing organzed hospitality and orientation for new parishioners.

12. To evaluate stewardship on a regular basis to ensure its viability.

13. To select a member of the committee to be an ex-officio voting member of the pastoral council.